Naturally, PATRiA Maritim Perkasa meets all relevant enviromental requirements on daily basis, but surely we would like to do more than just law abiding. Adhering to one of the principle of our group, PATRiA Green, PATRiA Maritim Perkasa have a high concern regarding to natural preservations and especially water ecosystems. Due to its major impact in maritime industry, environmental issues has become one of our top priorities in implementing every steps of our working cycles.

PATRiA Maritim Perkasa has a longstanding commitment to environmental care, health, and safety, and continues to build on thorough activities.We always strive to ensure minimum enviromental impact on using resources and materials. This does not only means we produce less waste, but we also properly separate on waste disposal whenever it's possible. Perhaps we could also make a waste processing in term for much high-value water usage.

The simplest application out of all our enviromental programs is when we did tree planting last April 2013 on our shipyard in Batam. Other than its usage to produce oxygen for fresh air and reduce CO2 as the cause in global warming, PATRiA Maritim Perkasa also aware on maximizing trees could help and bring fortune to the next generations.