Make profit whilst caring for people and planet as our philosophy is truly implemented by PATRiA Maritim Perkasa. We realize that it is highly important to make a positive development with our surroundings. We have bigger aim to strengthen our ties with the society and to gladly help others along the process. Our goal is not only to add economic value, but we also want to do more of making an essential contribution to society. Through good collaboration and communication, we believe that together, we could achieve the greatest possible effect on our home-based communities right where we serve.

Regarding to our competencies in ship building and designs, we genuinely understand that a high level of commitment is needed to make a sustainable and effective contribution to society. We perfectly know how important to be very supportive on social welfare, education, local culture, longtime tradition, art, sports and other community events. All purely to share a mutual beneficial and improving a wealthier and healthier society.

Referred to our commitment to be supportive in education sector, recently we went to nearest elementary school, SD Negeri 001 Bulang, Pulau Buluh, Batam to give them more appliances in school equipment in order to have a whole and better education and much brighter future. PATRiA Health was also proven when we coordinated with Indonesian Red Cross for blood donors program on 26th November 2013.